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12v oscillating fan - Blacktank - 08-12-2019

an recommendations? my fantastic fan on low is to much on cool night and i just like having air movement on me while i sleep

RE: 12v oscillating fan - B and C - 08-12-2019

Thought about just adding a 12VDC motor variable speed controller to your existing fan? One fan, two uses.

RE: 12v oscillating fan - sternwake - 08-12-2019

B and C stole my response.

use a 5 amp voltage bucker/ stepmdown converter. Put fan on high speed and use the voltage and fan speed to enjoyable levels.

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RE: 12v oscillating fan - sternwake - 08-12-2019

I use buckers.similar.tom these to. 7500.rpm 92mm i removed the pot.soldered.inlads.and use a .10 turn.potentiometer for.easy speed.control butnyou couldnjustbdialnin 8v with andersons and hook it inline on your fan.

RE: 12v oscillating fan - RoamerRV428 - 08-13-2019

I love the clip on fans....there are a ton of cheaper clip on oscillating fans out there to buy. 6 inch is the smallest I would go for a bit of decent air you got the low/high controls for your desired comfort.

very moveable and heavy duty clip means it will stay put while it turns
I am the same, I must have air moving while sleeping, but not much, want that little bit of movement without it being too much directly on me at all times.

we paid for a 'better fantatic' fan in the master bedroom and it sucks. waste of money on that one cause we wanted more air flow but the thing just doesn't give enough plus it isn't truly moving air around like an oscillating fan will I have a battery powered fan hanging over the window in the rv with bungee cords and it moves air good but in the end....still experimenting here....will get a clip on and put in onto the window cover thing over the window and then it will oscillate in a way we want.....still looking for that perfect set up for good air movement here LOL

RE: 12v oscillating fan - rvpopeye - 08-13-2019

You hate it because it works too good ?

Then don't flush the toilet while it's on exhaust.
You'll hate it so very much more.........

RE: 12v oscillating fan - B and C - 08-13-2019

When I sleep, I only have the window by my head open and the fantastic vent on exhaust on low. It brings a nice breeze across my head and shuts off when it gets cool enough. Close all the windows and have the vent fan blowing in to pressurize the trailer for when you flush. You'll thank me later.

RE: 12v oscillating fan - RoamerRV428 - 08-13-2019

LOL Brian, thanks!

RE: 12v oscillating fan - Blacktank - 08-13-2019

i have no roof vent fan at the moment,my fantastic is the stand up type and i like it as is for volume air movement,think i will just get a random metal 6"-8"oscillating fan and mount it up in a corner,got to take amazon reviews with a grain of salt,a certain% will fail and those who got them will leave a bad review

the couple i have seen video of are whiny little thing

stern,how do you adjust those buck thingies,what about the 12v speed controls with a knob?

RE: 12v oscillating fan - B and C - 08-13-2019

I bought one that has two speeds at Camping World and mounted it at the foot of the bed a couple of feet up. It does not oscillate though. I have it pointed at where my head is and it blows a nice breeze my full length. Even on low it is a bit loud but I don't use it often enough to put a speed controller on it. The open window with the fantastic vent is my goto. I only use the little one when I have to run the A/C, which is rarely. The bed area doesn't get any air movement when the A/C is on so I use it for that. Between the fan and the A/C, the drone puts me to sleep and I don't hear anything else.