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On a roll...grrrr - Wabbit - 06-11-2019

2 days after landing in S&B's last week, the minivan started a slow brake fluid drip. FUCK! Took it to a mechanic, brake master cylinder and brake booster both supposedly need replacing. Quoted $681 for both. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! Guy said he wouldn't release vehicle unless I signed a waiver. 

Anyways 2002 Ford Windstar SEL. Anyone know if this is reasonable? Thnx.

RE: On a roll...grrrr - Blacktank - 06-11-2019,2002,windstar,3.8l+v6,1385782,brake+&+wheel+hub,master+cylinder,1836,2002,windstar,3.8l+v6,1385782,brake+&+wheel+hub,wheel+cylinder,1952

if your doing wheel cylinders do brakes to,2002,windstar,3.8l+v6,1385782,brake+&+wheel+hub,brake+shoe,1688

RE: On a roll...grrrr - Wabbit - 06-11-2019

I'm not a mechanic lol, I can't do the work. I called the mechanic and told him to go ahead and do it.

RE: On a roll...grrrr - Blacktank - 06-11-2019

that better include full rear brakes

if i was there i would of done it for $1-200 plus parts,depends on how much i cuss/bleed,small brakes like that are pretty easy

RE: On a roll...grrrr - B and C - 06-11-2019

Small brakes are easy as long as they are disk. Rear drum brakes are are PITA with that emergency brake setup. Putting in a new vacuum booster and master cylinder, they will have to get under the dash to remove the vacuum booster. Not a fun job by any means.

RE: On a roll...grrrr - Wabbit - 06-11-2019

Talking to a guy here he said it's not bad. I was being a bit angsty about money lol. I think I got it figured out. Don't like putting that much on credit cards, but I am glad I caught it before something bad happened with brakes.

RE: On a roll...grrrr - Wayne49 - 06-11-2019

It's a convenient time since your stuck in S & B anyway.
You could have been on the road in Ironwood, Michigan during the winter.

RE: On a roll...grrrr - travelaround - 06-11-2019

Sorry to hear about the hit on your savings but good to know you'll have good brakes now!

RE: On a roll...grrrr - justjim - 06-11-2019

I'd say that there's no stopping you now but it sounds like you are getting it taken care of.

RE: On a roll...grrrr - RoamerRV428 - 06-12-2019

not a mechanic here either, so I pay when work is needed, kinda at the mercy of the shop but it sounds like you did ok I think Smile good thing it is caught and being repaired