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More AC problems. - animalcannibal - 06-03-2019

I replaced the compressor on my van a couple of weeks ago,and now all of a sudden the low side pressure is pulling a vacuum.I expect the metering orifice screen is clogged.A new one only costs $2.50 at Oreilly parts,but I'll have to dump $25 worth of 134.I no longer have a recovery machine and don't have my vacuum pump with me.I guess I'll just bite the bullet and replace it and recharge without pulling a vacuum on the system.It won't work 100% with air in the system but maybe I can hobble through summer and fix it right when I get back home.Just another small bump in the road of life.

RE: More AC problems. - B and C - 06-03-2019

Be glad it is 134-A and not R-12. It still amazes me that as soon as the patent expired on R-12, it was outlawed as greenhouse gas. Coincidence?

I have never had any luck not pulling a vacuum after opening a system. Seems the moisture in the air made the internals freeze. Never got cold air out.