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RE: The Requested doses of Yotes - GypsyDogs - 11-04-2019

(11-03-2019, 06:47 PM)CatPerson Wrote: Isn't that an innocent face?

"No, Mom, I wasn't doing anything... Why do you ask?"
No, actually not.  He has not needed that face for quite a few years- except in humor.

RE: The Requested doses of Yotes - GypsyDogs - 11-04-2019

(I think that is why Cammy really wants one... lol)

RE: The Requested doses of Yotes - sternwake - 11-04-2019

(10-15-2019, 08:34 AM)GypsyDogs Wrote: that dog is Covered in sad.... lol
  I took that photo Before Fiona was officially mine.

  I don't recall any event which caused me to bathe her and take that picture in which she looks so sad.
I think I was bathing her as her original family was due to return after an extended absence, and I wanted her clean and fluffy so they would actually pay attention to her, rather than ignoring her, as it always broke my heart to see such a goofy sweet and misunderstood love filled dog, so neglected and ignored by the children she grew up with, and their parents.

Here she is after about 2 weeks of officially being my dog, and living in my van with me.


Please don't think she is a sad dog. I love her with all my heart and soul, and spend much of the day, every day, trying to insure she is happy, and that she knows she is safe, and that she is loved.


RE: The Requested doses of Yotes - CatPerson - 11-04-2019

Now, she looks like a happy, fluffer pupper!

RE: The Requested doses of Yotes - GypsyDogs - 11-05-2019

Stern-  I would NEVER assume you were neglecting her in Any Way.   Heart
I know how much care and thought you put into her safety and comfort.

(she just looked So Sad in that particular photo..  as do mine, sometimes... on bath day)

RE: The Requested doses of Yotes - rvpopeye - 11-05-2019

I just saved that pic with the wet one.
Titled "New Human Happiness".

RE: The Requested doses of Yotes - sternwake - 11-05-2019

Its funny how sad she looks when it is bath time, but get her near the ocean and she would gladly rip my arm out of the socket and drag me into the water down the bluff like a sled dog, with her enthusiasm to get wet and chase the ball into the breakers.

If someone is walking ahead of me when we are descending the trail to the beach, her heavy breathing freaks them out and they have to turn around and look to insure it is not a knife wielding sex maniac at their heels. When they step aside to let us pass, She pulls twice as hard. My knees don't appreciate that and often I just unclip her and she just rockets to water's edge, gets about belly deep, turns around and stares at me waiting for the ball to emerge from pocket. The second it does she traipses into deeper water. I try to time this so she slams into an oncoming line of whitewater.

If I take her to a dog friendly beach, instead of breaking the law with a potential 550$ fine, then she displays 1/50th the enthusiasm for a minute or two, and then will sit on my foot.

Seems she likes crowds of other dogs as much as I like crowds of humans

RE: The Requested doses of Yotes - rvpopeye - 11-05-2019

Too funny !
Sits on your foot !
Natural rule breaker , YARC DOG !

The Requested doses of Yotes - Cammalu - 11-05-2019

Super sweet pics of your great dog!

RE: The Requested doses of Yotes - heron - 11-05-2019

I'm really glad you got Fiona, Stern.