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What are you reading? - Queen - 05-09-2018

The thing I'm most loving about retirement is the opportunity to read as much as I want.  Thought it might be fun to share what we're reading so others might find a good book or two.

RE: What are you reading? - Queen - 05-09-2018

As usual I have three books going right now. The first is poetry, "Dog Songs" by Mary Oliver, if you've ever loved a dog, these will speak to you.

Second is "Echo in the Bone", something like book 4,003 of the Outlander series.  Just love those.

Third is "Women in Sunlight" by Frances Mayes (she wrote Under the Tuscan Sun", it's like reading a painting.  Stunning visuals and beautiful language. A pleasure to read.

RE: What are you reading? - Motrukdriver - 05-09-2018

I'll probably be reading an instruction manual on how to rebuild my transfer case pretty soon. It's making some grumbling noises and I wanna rebuild it before it lets go.

RE: What are you reading? - MN C Van - 05-09-2018

The State  by Randolph Bourne. Written (and never finished) at beginning of WW I, it's still spot on how some jerks get you to go to some distant land and get bayoneted, and like it.

RE: What are you reading? - waldenbound - 05-09-2018

I have so many half read books its crazy. I’m reading Marie Kondo Minimal or De Cluttering the Japanese Way or something like that.
Really need to practice that in this tiny space.

RE: What are you reading? - Texjbird - 05-09-2018

I'm rereading Lee  Childs = Jack Reacher novels. 

 My collection of the series Out Of the Ashes has been callin' to me for several months. 

 Also reading sorta hit & miss my collection of cookbooks.  I'm definitely keeping cookbooks on dealing with fresh harvested items.  Also old meat recipes on how to make things like souse, salami from hamburger, summer sausage, salted meats and jerky, and things like that. 

 I even have a copy of 1st edition of The White House Cookbook and also one celebrating the USA Bicentennial.  I'm only keeping very special ones like a autographed copy of Alan Jackson's cookbook with some recipes from his Mom.  I also have Elvis Presley's favorites in a cookbook.  Somehow I've ended up with 2 copies of White Trash Cooking and also Stocking Up.  Whoops..... I don't want to forget my Duck Commander cookbook either.


RE: What are you reading? - Queen - 05-10-2018

Forgot to mention one I just finished. "Varina" by Charles Frazier, it's historical fiction about the first lady of the Confederacy. Fascinating portrayal of the downfall of the South.

RE: What are you reading? - waldenbound - 05-10-2018

I decided to pick up Travels With Charlie. Got lots of time to read.

RE: What are you reading? - Putts - 05-10-2018

Haven't read many books in the last decade...I guess I gave them up due to lack of time. Looking forward to hitting the road though, so have been doing some planning.

Waldenbound, you'll be tickled to know that I've got Walden my grandmother gave to me already in Putt's bookcase, and Travels with Charlie is on the "To Buy" list. I've also got grandma's copy of Kon-Tiki on the shelf. My dad gave me a copy of "Til Eulenspeigle and His Merry Pranks"...he's my namesake. I figure my first few seasons on the road I'll be settling in so I want to read easy-breezy prose. Probably do some old westerns; maybe some Zane Gray or Louis L'Amour.

Eventually I'll get around to some more serious reading. Bunch of philosophy/consciousness/quantum physics crap. You don't want to know.

RE: What are you reading? - Queen - 05-10-2018

I'm finding I enjoy complex books more now, with unlimited time to read, but I also keep something a bit simple going so I can "change the channel" as needed.